About Us

At Knot Only we are passionate about the transformation a scarf can make to an otherwise ordinary outfit. A scarf can upgrade your look from great to fabulous, a scarf is ‘knot only‘ to keep your neck warm, it has a multitude of functions: to inject some colour, cover up a crepey neck, hide your cleavage, dress up your outfit, allow you to experiment with more daring colours and prints without buying a whole new wardrobe; the list is endless.


Knot Only was set up in 2010 having seen there was no similar online shop offering this incredibly versatile accessory. Many sites feature scarves but often as an after-thought and with limited choice, and many offer exclusively higher priced scarves beyond the reach of most people’s budget, or with tiny thumbnail images of much cheaper scarves – there was no middle ground. We wanted at least 3 images of each scarf so you could see what you were getting and a bit of blurb to help you understand the bits that photos can’t explain! 

Thanks for looking! Christina x