Scarf belts

Our scarf belts continue to be incredibly popular with our customers, what better way to update a much-loved scarf than by using it to create waist-level interest leaving the neck free for jewellery, particularly if you have a cupboard full of unworn but precious Hermes scarves - I wish!    The scarf belt from Butterfly Blue has been updated and is now slightly narrower in height than previous versions which means it fits perfectly through a pair of belt loops, or can be worn lower on the hip adding the wow-factor to a maxi dress, obviously one size fits all as the circumference of the belt and scarf are determined by how tightly the belt is secured.  The belts are made in the UK from fabulous high quality Italian leather hides with silvery buckles and D-rings. These belts work best with long skinny scarves or lightweight squares in silk, cotton or chiffon so raid your wardrobe and bring out those long-forgotten gems or even use one of your dad's old ties for a more edgy look.  If your scarf cupboard is bare (unlikely I know!) then take a look at our scarf collection for some inspiration and get creative!