Knitted Scarves

Who doesn't love a knitted scarf?    As the seasons become blurred and winter continues further into the year we all need to have a selection of scarves to grab and go before we leave the house.   Whether you are waiting on the platform for the train that's always late, off for a walk in the woods, watching the match or freezing brass monkeys at the fireworks, you will not want to be without a knitted scarf to snuggle up in, preferably in a bold and bright colour to lift your outfit and your mood, particularly if you are wearing your old trusted coat that frankly you are a little bored with, what better way to give it a new lease of life than with a bold and beautiful knit.  Our knits tick all the boxes, in bold jacquard designs and stripes, or in the softest of cashmere trimmed with velvet, there's something for everyone!