Our in-house range 'The Bufandary' includes four new prints which we have designed ourselves and had produced via a new source we found whilst visiting Hong Kong back in April.  Always a risky business working with a new, untried, untested factory but our gut instinct was that this was a good find based on the other labels they were making for.    After a nail-biting few weeks of wondering if the cartons will actually turn up, or what will be in them when we open them, we have today taken delivery of our new feathers and spriggy heart designs, 2 colours of each, and we could not be more delighted, they all look great - great quality at a great price, hopefully great designs that will be greatly successful.  These designs are also available on a wholesale basis and we have already had a brilliant response from our retail clients with shops in the South of England which is really exciting, nothing like a positive response to something we have created ourselves!