theo pathitis small business sunday

I spent many a Sunday evening last year tweeting Knot Only to Dragons Den's Theo Pathitis  in the hope that he would retweet to his 300,000+ followers.  For those who follow Knot Only and were not aware of his #SBS offer they probably thought I had become a serial stalker!  Not so, the idea is that each week anyone with a small business is invited to tweet their business to him between 5pm and 7.30pm each Sunday using the #SBS and he will pick his 6 favourites each week and retweet them the following evening.  I gather that some people tweet at least 25 times in the hope that they will be noticed amongst the 1000 or so who tweet each week.  After pretty much forgetting to do it during September, October, November and early December I finally got round to it on 16th December at about 7.20pm, 10 minutes before the deadline and promptly forgot all about it until the next night when the following popped into my inbox!    How exciting is that, and not only do we get a retweet we get to be listed on his website and have our twitter image on his homepage for the next 7 days; twitter followers increase and we can add the below symbol to our website.   There are lots of other benefits too which we are only just finding out about, but it's all good, and the best bit is that someone, somewhere (hopefully Theo, but possibly one of his team??) likes Knot Only enough to give us a tweet!  Yay!