Handsome Scarves for the Men in Our Lives!


This autumn and winter season don’t leave the gents in your life out in the cold. These confident gentlemen prefer to look smart, dapper, and stylishly smashing, whether they’re on their way to work, meeting up with chaps, or spending the weekend with their sweetheart. (Hint: Ladies, scarves make wonderful gifts.)


Real men love scarves!  It’s so true. It gives them a confident well-dressed look that attracts admiring glances. As a rule, guys love styles that are more traditional in nature, but this wintery season they are leaning toward bold colours and rich designs.
Gents can still be practical when choosing scarf styles, but daring in colours and design choices that will fit with their clothing styles. Men also prefer a masculine scarf, one that’s warm, heavier in weight, and will chase away the cool and brisk temps.  Made from 100% lamb’s wool these substantial scarves are sure to keep him extremely warm through the hardest weather.


Men love the masculine zig-zag design and the bright colours of KnotOnly’s men’s newest designer scarf for this winter.  It adds a snazzy ultra-modern look to brighten up any black or greyish clothing. Designer, Glen Prince, creates fabulous designs for the dashing man on-the-go.


Keep warm by sprucing up your winter wear.  The first thing men ask or are concerned about is, “How do I wear or tie my scarves so they look distinguished and keep the chill away from my face?” There are two easy ways guys can tie their scarves that give them a fashionable look and helps them stay warm:


  1. The Parisian Knot is the most popular and the easiest.  First, fold the scarf lengthwise and wrap it around your neck. Then take the loose ends hanging in front and insert them through the loops and pull them through.  On wintery days tuck the scarf into your coat or jacket for a warm stylish look.


  1. The Loose Once-Around Knot is a simple, casual knot that’s more about looking smart than keeping warm on really cold days. Frist, drape the scarf around your neck allowing one end to be longer than the other.  Then bring the long end and wrap it loosely around your neck again. Drape it loosely over your chest and wear the scarf inside or out of your blazer for a casual hanging style.


There’s a huge shift in the way American men are dressing. Men were trained for years if they had a particular type of job they had to dress a certain way without any individual flair or personality. Men are becoming more independent and taking ownership of their clothing style in the States. (European men embraced this philosophy years ago.) 


Also, for years women bought men’s clothing for them. It was just a cultural thing at the time. Men are breaking away from that rigid “corporate look” that they were trained to dress in and are beginning to add colour, design, and personality to their everyday dress.


Men first started showing their independence with bright and bold neckties. Now the best way to express their style is by the addition of handsome scarves to their everyday wardrobe.  Women find men fascinating and charming when they dress up their attire with striking scarves. By wearing a scarf he shows he’s a confident man, someone who is a smart dresser, and loves to look his best.


Designer men’s scarves make excellent gifts: Birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, etc. There’s no excuse as KnotOnly makes it easy with their free gift wrapping service.  Give the man in your life handsome timeless scarves that he will wear from years to come.