Elevate Your Mood: The Shift to Scarves this Autumn

Women’s scarves this autumn and winter are more than about warmth and accessorising. They’re about lifting your mood and giving you a chic style. Let me explain, when we feel good about the way we look, it gives us confidence and self-esteem; and when our insides match the way we feel on the outside, the whole world seems to brighten up.  


“Women have always worn beautiful scarves, but this autumn it’s about making themselves feel confident and adoring the way they look.”…Rebecca D.


Everyone has an off day, especially in the colder months when less sun brings a melancholy attitude, which puts a dampening effect on the way we feel.  That’s when you need to give yourself a jolt of excitement by dressing with those simple beautiful things we lovingly call scarves. They are instant mood changers!  These gorgeous textiles quickly change our mindset when pops of colour, stylish designs, and flattering textures are introduced into our everyday wardrobe.


Style Tips: Consider these ways to elevate your mood with different styles and colours of scarves that amp up your clothing options:


Shifting your Mood takes a few simple adjustments to your attire. Change the way you feel to funky or fun. Need some sparkle in your life? Lift your attitude and your looks with a glittery posh scarf - a sure way to capture and bring out that glamour hiding inside.


Can’t decide whether to choose from the dark blue or the winter white Stylesnob glitzy embellished scarf? Buy them both to extend your wardrobe and lift your mood to a sparkling level on any given day.


Know what makes you happy. Women who have always worn scarves or those who are new to adding them to their wardrobe, understand what makes them happy. Is it the timeless styles that give a secure, confident feel, or maybe it’s the floral prints that bring a smile to your face? Or perhaps you feel the happiest when you’re wearing the luxurious feel of silk or cashmere.


Put a dance in your step this autumn. Select wisely and invest in designer scarves that will lift your spirits and make you feel beautifully pampered and loved.


A Touch of Colour plays a huge role in the way we feel mentally, as well as physically. Stylists are adamant about having a little spice in our wardrobe. It’s a great way to change those plain clothes into fabulous styles that make you feel instantly chic.


Choose colours that look best with your skin tone. Select scarves that can be mixed and matched with other outfits for a whole new wardrobe. For instance, if you love wearing dark navies or black, swap out tops and bottoms with more neutral shades and use your scarves to give a pop of colour - even changing the look of the entire ensemble.  


Women in the UK and across Europe have found the secret of wearing scarves to broaden their wardrobe. It’s catching on in the U.S., on the other side of the pond.  

Women are smart and savvy and that’s why they shop for their scarves at KnotOnly.  Exquisite styles, fabulous fabrics, types, and brands everyone favours.


Embrace wearing scarves every day, they’re the most luxurious way to lift your mood and look absolutely stunning.  Contact our stylists if you need help finding your next perfect scarf.