Building a Woman’s Scarf Wardrobe: Taking You From Season to Season

Who knew? Did you ever think about building a scarf collection that will stretch your wardrobe and clothing options?  Not many women do…they usually buy beautiful scarves they fancy here and there.   Building a collection of posh scarves is fun and fashionable that will effortlessly take you from season to season.  It all starts with a few basic “must-have” ladies scarves that you truly enjoy. Take what you love and build from there in sophisticated style.


Essential Women’s Scarves


Every woman should have a few basic scarves in her wardrobe collection. If you’re just starting out building your wardrobe, look for versatility, neutrals, and dark shade scarves that you can wear with an array of different outfits.  Make sure you start with these basics:


  1. A dark and a light solid pashmina (luxurious all-season scarf)
  2. A dark and a light solid wool scarf (cold season)
  3. A light or neutral cotton scarf (fall and spring seasons)
  4. A gauzy or silk summer scarf (warmer seasons)


Build on Your Existing Scarf Collection


This is where the fun begins. Explore and find your personal taste in the type of scarves, as well as the design, fabric, and colour that gives them their funky, vintage, or chic look.  Gradually add prints and different textures that will easily go from season to season with pops of colour that brighten up the grey and cold days of winter.


Add a couple of scarves that are a little bolder or shyer than you normally would wear. The added personality will give your clothing a wider breadth of styles. Select an exotic animal print or go softly with muted butterflies, ladybugs, and bees. Be pleasantly surprised at all the compliments you’ll receive when you step outside your comfort zone.


Enhance With Wraps, Shawls, and Pashminas


 No woman’s scarf collection is complete without KnotOnly’s designer wraps, shawls and pashminas. They are the essence of versatility allowing you to go seamlessly from casual to formal attire and from cold to warm seasons without a hiccup. 


Versatility and elegance describes these particular scarves to a tee. There are so many ways you can wear them from draped around your shoulders to wearing them wrapped around your waist to give your figure a smaller cinched waistline.


Have an area of your figure that needs a little help? These ladies’ scarves are perfect to hide those flaws and emphasize your assets.


Style Tips


Wraps, Shawls, Pashminas can hide a full-figure bustline if it’s worn tossed over one shoulder. The soft drapes will cascade over the bust giving it less definition.  The rule of thumb stylists live by is: The more attention that is put on the neckline, that’s where the eyes will go, distracting from other areas of the body.


Always have these beautiful types of scarves handy for a dramatic change in your wardrobe. Because these designer scarves comes in all shapes, sizes, and styles they can easily be tied in a bolero, a snug vest, and a jacket style. The wearing possibilities are endless.


Start building your scarf collection today. With KnotOnly’s wonderful choices and styling tips, you can’t go wrong.  Need help deciding on a certain style or texture?  Give KnotOnly a call or email today and their friendly expert stylists will be happy to help.


Stay in the know! Check out next week’s blog featuring our newest arrivals and styling tips.