Knot Only Stylish, But Sophisticated and Elegant

Have you ever noticed women are mysteriously fascinated by the beautiful things that come in small packages? We can't help ourselves. It's in our DNA. Knot Only has been making women gorgeous since 2010 from their elegantly charming to jazzy animal print designer scarves. Their stylish posh scarves are not just mere accessories, but wardrobe changers in a box.

The Knot Only brand is just as chic as its owner, Christina. A woman of vision who understands women need options in their day to day dress. And the power and versatility of scarves in a woman's wardrobe is priceless.

Her love for UK and European designers has encouraged her search for finding unique and romantic neckwear that will transform a woman's look from ordinary to dazzling in an instant.

Knowing women and their love of looking confidently well-dressed, she carries an array of different designs to match women’s different wardrobe pieces. Knot Only’s wide selection is awesome, taking you from elegant silk to stunningly embellished and everything in-between.


Create your own style! Think about can create your own signature by wearing sophisticated or dramatic scarfs in your own special way (wraps, shawl, and pashminas) or uniquely knotted giving your outfit that chic factor that fits only you.

Create a new wardrobe one scarf at a time. Out of all the accessories women wear (and we own many), the scarf is the most versatile and can be worn from season to season.

On those cold wintery days where warmth in definitely needed, wear scarves made of knitted lambswool or cashmere and for springtime, any beautiful lightweight silky to cottony scarf is perfect.

Knot Only is about stylishly stretching your wardrobe with beautiful high-quality scarves, creating new outfits for every occasion and every season. One scarf can create two to three different stylish looks, allowing you to smartly increase your wardrobe for the price of one designer scarf.  How cool is that?


Check out some of our favourite designers: Lola Rose, Becksondergaard, and Stylesnob. Knot Only has a least 20 popular designers from vintage inspired designer, Emily Rose, to emerging designer, Craig Fellows. You’ll fall in love with each one, but you’ll find your fave. Exquisitely fashioned in sensuous silk, cotton mix crinkle print, viscose/acrylic, and 50/50 wool-silk, these flawless classic styles create a refined appearance while the knitted styles keep you so warm and cosy.

Come visit and stay awhile here at Knot Only to find the latest trends, styles, and how-to tips to smarten up your everyday wardrobe.  Stay in the now by signing up for our Knot Only newsletter chock full of delightful tips, new arrivals, stylish trends, and sophisticated wearing options. Hurry in to take advantage of the free shipping for UK customers and those outside the UK on all orders over £50.00.

Be creative – be effortlessly elegant! Wear designer scarves as more than an accessory. Transform your wardrobe into fabulous ensembles one scarf at a time.