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May 03, 2017

Ladies Luxury Scarves for Spring and beyond!

Style has never been so much fun! Women (and men) have a huge advantage this spring and summer when it comes to designer scarves. Scarf designers this season have been inspired to go a step further, to use their imagination and creativity, and think outside the box. It shows in their modern sophisticated designs, yet fun and funky collections. Simply refreshing brands created for the modern woman’s lifestyle. Effortlessly chic and irresistibly charming!

Let’s take a look at designers, their styles, and how sensational scarves transform a boring outfit into a chic ensemble.

KnotOnly’s Popular Brands

Lola Rose’s designer scarves are nothing short of luxury in a sensuous soft Merino print. These affordable luxury ladies scarves are sought after for their desirable motif of a creamy background with one or two subtle coloured prints. A jewel in any wardrobe.

Becksondergaard are two incredible designers with a modern, yet timeless sophisticated style that’s fun and effortlessly perfect in every detail. Loved by all, their exclusive brand can be found in high-end and speciality stores.

StyleSnob is one of those feel good glamorous brands. Every women feels like a movie star once she swirls one of their internationally renowned scarves around her neck. StyleSnob creates fabulous designer scarves that are made of a beautiful cotton mix and printed motif. Designed in both bold and subtle colours to go with everything you have in your closet. Choose styles with sparking crystals for a glam look or go for the longer scarves that also can be used as a cover-up.


Brands with Unique Styling Options

Butterfly Blue is an innovative brand that specializes in long skinny scarfs and scarf belts that fit smartly under the collar or can be used as a belt once it’s looped through one of these hand crafted belt buckles.

 Scarves are versatile and using them as belts creates a whole new jazzy look for a pair of jeans. The belt buckle clasp is made of Italian leather. Simply use a skinny scarf (or tie) to loop it through the first ring and back through the second ring for a cleverly magical look.     

Charlotte Taylor is an incredible designer of skinny silk scarves. Taking a note from the menswear trend, her creative scarves look like ties with an eclectic flair. Her choice of bright colours and fishing motifs sets Charlotte apart as a designer with a futuristic inspiration.



Stunning Scarves for Everyday

             The Bufandary is your everyday, feel good, go-to scarf collection made of polyester with dazzling design prints in feathers, florals, hearts and stars motifs. Loved by all for their simple care and exquisite texture, these affordable quality scarves have a beauty all their own. You’ll surely want to buy more than one.

            Gabrielle Parker is a fabulous designer that fell in love with colourful rose print scarves, wraps, and pashminas. Her winter florals bring a smile on a cold dreary day. Her stunning crinkle cotton rose florals are her signature design and is loved by women of all ages. These flattering scarves are a wardrobe staple that can instantly give chic styling whether you’re wearing jeans or office attire. Simply beautiful by design and unforgettable in vibrant colour.

 These are just a few of KnotOnly’s creative and sophisticated line of scarves. Check out the rest of our luxurious designers to find your perfect style that fits your personality and extends your wardrobe.

Christmas Gift Ideas: Beautiful Designer Scarves

Christmas Gift Ideas: Beautiful Designer Scarves

Well, the days are getting shorter and before long winter will come sweeping in full force with Christmas right around the corner. Winter brings so many wonderful memories and activities: Christmas lights, warm conversation by the fire, mulled wine on a frosty night and even marriage proposals. But before all the craziness of Christmas sets in, take time this season to pamper the ones you love with thoughtful gifts that are kept and treasured forever.

Scarves make thoughtful and beautiful gifts for everyone on your list. Take a glance at your gift buying list and you’ll discover everyone will surely love a handsome wrap or snood for those cold wintery days.  There are so many different personalities, likes, and dislikes; and no two people are the same when it comes to taste and style. That’s why luxury designer scarves are the perfect choice for everyone on your list.


Holiday Gift Giving Ideas:


Outdoor Lover

For the outdoor lover on your list who lives, breathes, and simply enjoys nature, Craig Fellows, the designer of the “creepy crawler” silk scarves would be an ideal present.  He skilfully designs, makes, and hand finishes each scarf.  His latest design includes stunning botanical prints in subtle shades that can be worn from season to season.  


The Chicest at Heart

Whether it’s your best friend, sister, or daughter, if she has style and loves to look her best, these stunning scarves by designer, Becksondergaard will make her heart skip a beat. His ravishing scarves come in array of colours, designs, and types of material. These scarves can be worn throughout the year; some are made of 100% wool and others a mix of wool and silk. Perfect for those colder days of winter and light enough for those breezy evenings.


The Man About Town

   Haven’t thought much about giving a man a scarf as a present? Think it’s not masculine?  Think again. Aviators in both World Wars made wearing scarves a popular    trend. Pilots used them for warmth and preventing wind burn. 


   So, this Christmas put those men on your holiday gift giving list and consider KnotOnly ruggedly handsome scarves by designers, Becksondergaard and Glen Prince.     Most mates enjoy a modern self-expressive scarf for those cold days watching the rugby and hockey matches. Choose from various styles and colours that fit his          character.


   Most men usually tie their scarves in a “slip” knot. It’s easy and fast to tie and is knotted close to the neck, keeping them warm from the elements.  



 The Extrovert/Fun Loving

Everyone has a member of the family or a friend who is outgoing, social, and extremely fun to be around. These are the easiest ones to buy for on your holiday gift list.  They love the exotic prints and can carry it off smashingly. Two of KnotOnly’s most popular designers, Stylesnob and Lola Rose, have creatively modernized the look of animal print scarves and brought them to a whole new level.  Flattering soft and pastel prints to muted zebra skin are enchantingly designed for the upbeat and gregarious person on your Christmas list.

KnotOnly gets new designs in all the time, so if you can’t find that perfect scarf for that hard to buy for person on your list, then check back frequently, or even better yet, sign up to receive our emails for the latest new arrivals.

Scarves are an affordable luxury that fit everyone on your list.

Changing Seasons: Autumn’s Multi-Coloured Scarves Take Centre Stage

Don’t you just love this time of the year? Autumn is settling in with multitudes of colourful changes not only in nature but in fashionable styles of warm autumn colours: Oranges, browns, reds, and yellows. Designers from Milan, Paris, and New York are predicting even royal blue to orchid scarves will be a hot trend this autumn - finessing its way into winter.


Think of all the beautiful options you’ll have wearing rich scarves in prints, solids, leopard prints, and mixed motifs. Options are endless in pairing these rich sultry scarves with your favourite styles, whether it be work attire or a Saturday about town.


Fashion stylists, as well as designers will tell you that scarves this season are being worn by many women instead of jewellery.  Sometimes you need a change or are tired of that same old look. Try wrapping an irresistible scarf around your neck instead of wearing jewellery to lift your style and your mood.


KnotOnly has a beautiful assortment of neckwear for the cooler months, but there is a real emphasis on texture this autumn/winter season.  Warmth is important, but so is style, colour choice, and beautiful design. 


A woman's favourite go-to wear for winter dress is the Snood scarf (sometimes referred to as circle or infinity scarf). These warm wonders come in a variety of thicknesses, textures, materials, and sizes; perfect for taking a walk in Hyde Park or off to a hockey game.


Just wrap up and go! They cover the neck, head and ears in stylish winter warmth. Snoods are oversized giving a dramatic statement to your clothing. Chose from several material designs for a no-fuss look in knitted, crocheted, and cashmere.


Every fashion conscious women knows that scarves are more than accessories.  They are multifunctional pieces that can be worn as stoles, wraps, sarongs, pareos, and voguish waist cinches - taking a plain outfit and turning it into a chic high fashion ensemble.


For the autumn and winter season add rich colours instead of your typical greys and blacks. A burst of colour on a cloudy wintery day can bring a spark in your step and change your entire mood.


Go for a colour you normally don’t wear – just a little out of your comfort zone. Voila! It instantly changes your style, look, and personality.  Colour plays a huge role in how we feel about ourselves.


Take a note from some of the highly regarded and well-dressed women of our time. Scarves play a huge role in their everyday dress and many times are their iconic signature.


Throughout the years the scarf has evolved. It’s more sophisticated, colourful, with sexier styles and materials. Today’s woman wears scarves to show her individuality, fashionable taste and just because she can.  There are no set rules on how she should wear it – just what makes her comfortable.

Fall in love with KnotOnly’s captivating cool weather designer’s scarves – an assortment of creative styles, divine textures and superior quality that will last for years to come.


Have questions about design, size, shapes, or colour? KnotOnly has the best customer service. You are their #1 priority.  Who else gives free gift wrapping, same day shipping if before 3pm, and will answer any questions or accommodate any special request.


Check out KnotOnly’s new autumn to winter arrivals just in time for those chilly days and frigid nights.  Don’t be caught out in the cold!

Handsome Scarves for the Men in Our Lives!


This autumn and winter season don’t leave the gents in your life out in the cold. These confident gentlemen prefer to look smart, dapper, and stylishly smashing, whether they’re on their way to work, meeting up with chaps, or spending the weekend with their sweetheart. (Hint: Ladies, scarves make wonderful gifts.)


Real men love scarves!  It’s so true. It gives them a confident well-dressed look that attracts admiring glances. As a rule, guys love styles that are more traditional in nature, but this wintery season they are leaning toward bold colours and rich designs.
Gents can still be practical when choosing scarf styles, but daring in colours and design choices that will fit with their clothing styles. Men also prefer a masculine scarf, one that’s warm, heavier in weight, and will chase away the cool and brisk temps.  Made from 100% lamb’s wool these substantial scarves are sure to keep him extremely warm through the hardest weather.


Men love the masculine zig-zag design and the bright colours of KnotOnly’s men’s newest designer scarf for this winter.  It adds a snazzy ultra-modern look to brighten up any black or greyish clothing. Designer, Glen Prince, creates fabulous designs for the dashing man on-the-go.


Keep warm by sprucing up your winter wear.  The first thing men ask or are concerned about is, “How do I wear or tie my scarves so they look distinguished and keep the chill away from my face?” There are two easy ways guys can tie their scarves that give them a fashionable look and helps them stay warm:


  1. The Parisian Knot is the most popular and the easiest.  First, fold the scarf lengthwise and wrap it around your neck. Then take the loose ends hanging in front and insert them through the loops and pull them through.  On wintery days tuck the scarf into your coat or jacket for a warm stylish look.


  1. The Loose Once-Around Knot is a simple, casual knot that’s more about looking smart than keeping warm on really cold days. Frist, drape the scarf around your neck allowing one end to be longer than the other.  Then bring the long end and wrap it loosely around your neck again. Drape it loosely over your chest and wear the scarf inside or out of your blazer for a casual hanging style.


There’s a huge shift in the way American men are dressing. Men were trained for years if they had a particular type of job they had to dress a certain way without any individual flair or personality. Men are becoming more independent and taking ownership of their clothing style in the States. (European men embraced this philosophy years ago.) 


Also, for years women bought men’s clothing for them. It was just a cultural thing at the time. Men are breaking away from that rigid “corporate look” that they were trained to dress in and are beginning to add colour, design, and personality to their everyday dress.


Men first started showing their independence with bright and bold neckties. Now the best way to express their style is by the addition of handsome scarves to their everyday wardrobe.  Women find men fascinating and charming when they dress up their attire with striking scarves. By wearing a scarf he shows he’s a confident man, someone who is a smart dresser, and loves to look his best.


Designer men’s scarves make excellent gifts: Birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, etc. There’s no excuse as KnotOnly makes it easy with their free gift wrapping service.  Give the man in your life handsome timeless scarves that he will wear from years to come.

Elevate Your Mood: The Shift to Scarves this Autumn

Women’s scarves this autumn and winter are more than about warmth and accessorising. They’re about lifting your mood and giving you a chic style. Let me explain, when we feel good about the way we look, it gives us confidence and self-esteem; and when our insides match the way we feel on the outside, the whole world seems to brighten up.  


“Women have always worn beautiful scarves, but this autumn it’s about making themselves feel confident and adoring the way they look.”…Rebecca D.


Everyone has an off day, especially in the colder months when less sun brings a melancholy attitude, which puts a dampening effect on the way we feel.  That’s when you need to give yourself a jolt of excitement by dressing with those simple beautiful things we lovingly call scarves. They are instant mood changers!  These gorgeous textiles quickly change our mindset when pops of colour, stylish designs, and flattering textures are introduced into our everyday wardrobe.


Style Tips: Consider these ways to elevate your mood with different styles and colours of scarves that amp up your clothing options:


Shifting your Mood takes a few simple adjustments to your attire. Change the way you feel to funky or fun. Need some sparkle in your life? Lift your attitude and your looks with a glittery posh scarf - a sure way to capture and bring out that glamour hiding inside.


Can’t decide whether to choose from the dark blue or the winter white Stylesnob glitzy embellished scarf? Buy them both to extend your wardrobe and lift your mood to a sparkling level on any given day.


Know what makes you happy. Women who have always worn scarves or those who are new to adding them to their wardrobe, understand what makes them happy. Is it the timeless styles that give a secure, confident feel, or maybe it’s the floral prints that bring a smile to your face? Or perhaps you feel the happiest when you’re wearing the luxurious feel of silk or cashmere.


Put a dance in your step this autumn. Select wisely and invest in designer scarves that will lift your spirits and make you feel beautifully pampered and loved.


A Touch of Colour plays a huge role in the way we feel mentally, as well as physically. Stylists are adamant about having a little spice in our wardrobe. It’s a great way to change those plain clothes into fabulous styles that make you feel instantly chic.


Choose colours that look best with your skin tone. Select scarves that can be mixed and matched with other outfits for a whole new wardrobe. For instance, if you love wearing dark navies or black, swap out tops and bottoms with more neutral shades and use your scarves to give a pop of colour - even changing the look of the entire ensemble.  


Women in the UK and across Europe have found the secret of wearing scarves to broaden their wardrobe. It’s catching on in the U.S., on the other side of the pond.  

Women are smart and savvy and that’s why they shop for their scarves at KnotOnly.  Exquisite styles, fabulous fabrics, types, and brands everyone favours.


Embrace wearing scarves every day, they’re the most luxurious way to lift your mood and look absolutely stunning.  Contact our stylists if you need help finding your next perfect scarf.

Building a Woman’s Scarf Wardrobe: Taking You From Season to Season

Who knew? Did you ever think about building a scarf collection that will stretch your wardrobe and clothing options?  Not many women do…they usually buy beautiful scarves they fancy here and there.   Building a collection of posh scarves is fun and fashionable that will effortlessly take you from season to season.  It all starts with a few basic “must-have” ladies scarves that you truly enjoy. Take what you love and build from there in sophisticated style.


Essential Women’s Scarves


Every woman should have a few basic scarves in her wardrobe collection. If you’re just starting out building your wardrobe, look for versatility, neutrals, and dark shade scarves that you can wear with an array of different outfits.  Make sure you start with these basics:


  1. A dark and a light solid pashmina (luxurious all-season scarf)
  2. A dark and a light solid wool scarf (cold season)
  3. A light or neutral cotton scarf (fall and spring seasons)
  4. A gauzy or silk summer scarf (warmer seasons)


Build on Your Existing Scarf Collection


This is where the fun begins. Explore and find your personal taste in the type of scarves, as well as the design, fabric, and colour that gives them their funky, vintage, or chic look.  Gradually add prints and different textures that will easily go from season to season with pops of colour that brighten up the grey and cold days of winter.


Add a couple of scarves that are a little bolder or shyer than you normally would wear. The added personality will give your clothing a wider breadth of styles. Select an exotic animal print or go softly with muted butterflies, ladybugs, and bees. Be pleasantly surprised at all the compliments you’ll receive when you step outside your comfort zone.


Enhance With Wraps, Shawls, and Pashminas


 No woman’s scarf collection is complete without KnotOnly’s designer wraps, shawls and pashminas. They are the essence of versatility allowing you to go seamlessly from casual to formal attire and from cold to warm seasons without a hiccup. 


Versatility and elegance describes these particular scarves to a tee. There are so many ways you can wear them from draped around your shoulders to wearing them wrapped around your waist to give your figure a smaller cinched waistline.


Have an area of your figure that needs a little help? These ladies’ scarves are perfect to hide those flaws and emphasize your assets.


Style Tips


Wraps, Shawls, Pashminas can hide a full-figure bustline if it’s worn tossed over one shoulder. The soft drapes will cascade over the bust giving it less definition.  The rule of thumb stylists live by is: The more attention that is put on the neckline, that’s where the eyes will go, distracting from other areas of the body.


Always have these beautiful types of scarves handy for a dramatic change in your wardrobe. Because these designer scarves comes in all shapes, sizes, and styles they can easily be tied in a bolero, a snug vest, and a jacket style. The wearing possibilities are endless.


Start building your scarf collection today. With KnotOnly’s wonderful choices and styling tips, you can’t go wrong.  Need help deciding on a certain style or texture?  Give KnotOnly a call or email today and their friendly expert stylists will be happy to help.


Stay in the know! Check out next week’s blog featuring our newest arrivals and styling tips.

Knot Only Stylish, But Sophisticated and Elegant

Have you ever noticed women are mysteriously fascinated by the beautiful things that come in small packages? We can't help ourselves. It's in our DNA. Knot Only has been making women gorgeous since 2010 from their elegantly charming to jazzy animal print designer scarves. Their stylish posh scarves are not just mere accessories, but wardrobe changers in a box.

The Knot Only brand is just as chic as its owner, Christina. A woman of vision who understands women need options in their day to day dress. And the power and versatility of scarves in a woman's wardrobe is priceless.

Her love for UK and European designers has encouraged her search for finding unique and romantic neckwear that will transform a woman's look from ordinary to dazzling in an instant.

Knowing women and their love of looking confidently well-dressed, she carries an array of different designs to match women’s different wardrobe pieces. Knot Only’s wide selection is awesome, taking you from elegant silk to stunningly embellished and everything in-between.


Create your own style! Think about can create your own signature by wearing sophisticated or dramatic scarfs in your own special way (wraps, shawl, and pashminas) or uniquely knotted giving your outfit that chic factor that fits only you.

Create a new wardrobe one scarf at a time. Out of all the accessories women wear (and we own many), the scarf is the most versatile and can be worn from season to season.

On those cold wintery days where warmth in definitely needed, wear scarves made of knitted lambswool or cashmere and for springtime, any beautiful lightweight silky to cottony scarf is perfect.

Knot Only is about stylishly stretching your wardrobe with beautiful high-quality scarves, creating new outfits for every occasion and every season. One scarf can create two to three different stylish looks, allowing you to smartly increase your wardrobe for the price of one designer scarf.  How cool is that?


Check out some of our favourite designers: Lola Rose, Becksondergaard, and Stylesnob. Knot Only has a least 20 popular designers from vintage inspired designer, Emily Rose, to emerging designer, Craig Fellows. You’ll fall in love with each one, but you’ll find your fave. Exquisitely fashioned in sensuous silk, cotton mix crinkle print, viscose/acrylic, and 50/50 wool-silk, these flawless classic styles create a refined appearance while the knitted styles keep you so warm and cosy.

Come visit and stay awhile here at Knot Only to find the latest trends, styles, and how-to tips to smarten up your everyday wardrobe.  Stay in the now by signing up for our Knot Only newsletter chock full of delightful tips, new arrivals, stylish trends, and sophisticated wearing options. Hurry in to take advantage of the free shipping for UK customers and those outside the UK on all orders over £50.00.

Be creative – be effortlessly elegant! Wear designer scarves as more than an accessory. Transform your wardrobe into fabulous ensembles one scarf at a time.

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